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Millennial Vinyl Flooring

Each vinyl flooring product of our collections features a polyeurethane (PU) treatment within a hardwearing surface providing protection against everyday wear, ensuring optimum long-term performance of your floor. Furthermore, they do not harbour dust mites or bacteria, making them ideal for commercial environment.

1 Polyurethane surface treatment
Polyurethane treatment supports easier care and simple cleaning regime.
2 Wear Layer

The embossed, high-density and transparent layer is hard wearIng and protects the pattern and design of product, allowing the embossed surface to create a highly authentic effect.
3 Film Layer

The Decoration Layer. Each design has been specifically developed for each series and embossed on to the film layer using innovative printing technology.

 4 Stabilization Layer
Improved dimensional stability is achieved by minimizing changes caused by physical effects
(eg. Temperature fluctuations).

 5 Load-bearing Layer
The basis of the long service life and high performance of our vinyl flooring product.