Needle Punch Carpets

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Needle Punch Carpets

FINDEISEN needle punch carpets combine the advantages of textile floorings with those of resilient floorings.

FINDEISEN NEEDLE PUNCH CARPET is the ideal flooring material for many areas of use. Their highly robust textile floorings produced using needling technique, known as needled carpets are ideally suited for use in commercial areas due to their versatile wear layer. 


The material of the FINDEISEN is made of sturdy polyamide. The through-dyed fibers of the layer are particularly colour stable and light-fast. As a result, the attractive is retained for a long time. FINDEISEN carpet is allergy friendly by reducing the fine dust concentration in indoor rooms by up to 50% compared to smooth floor and provide much better room acoustics compared to hard floor with its high impact sound insulation and sound absorption.

  • Long service life
  • Low life-cycle cost
  • High durability, products for heavy use
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Certified sustainability
  • Excellent CO2 balance by short transport ways
  • Almost emission-free
  • Eco added value
  • Backing entirely made of recycling fibres