HJ25406 (6.0T) / HJ28521


HJ25406 (6.0T) / HJ28521


Roll Size: 1.8m (W) x 15m/20m (L) x 4.5mm (T)

Product features:
1. Safe and Comfortable

The HJ series sports floor has closed-cell foam layer, which makes the users feel comfortable and keeps them safe.

2. Healthy and Environmentally Friendly
100% virgin materials, the product can by recycled. No DOP, no heavy metals, zero formaldehyde. Use antibacterial and antifungal treatment, inhibit mildew.

3. Durable Function
Wear-resisting and durable.

4. Easy Cleaning
With the special UV treatment on the top layer, the floor looks shiny & beautiful and is much easier to clean.

* All product range are for reference only. Actual product may vary slightly in colour, texture and shade.

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